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5 Nuts That Do Wonders For Your Heart

Due to the average urban Indian family’s current lifestyle and eating habits, a major chunk of the country’s population is at a high risk of getting affected by heart disease. According to NCRB statistics, 28,005 people died because of a heart attack in the year 2019, which is 53% more in comparison with statistics from 2014. The need to keep your heart health in check is currently more important than ever. While one cannot control all the factors that can affect heart health, it’s never too late to start off on working towards healthier choices. Lifestyle changes like a healthier diet, stress management, fitness regime can do wonders.

It’s no secret that healthy habits begin in the kitchen! Simple but pivotal changes in food consumption with healthier alternatives can contribute to the overall well-being of our heart’s health. To be specific, nuts can be a great addition to the regular diet that one follows. The health benefits of nuts are magical, this tasty and nutritious ingredient can do more wonders than we know.

Here are 5 different nuts that can lower the risk of a stroke:

Cashew nuts

Cashews have natural sugar, are rich in fiber, and have heart-healthy fats. These versatile nuts are also a great source of many other micro-nutrients that help in energy production and boosting immunity. Aside from being eaten raw, cashews can be used in a variety of ways. be it to make gravies thicker and creamier, or add a delicious crunch to sweets and desserts.

The health benefits of Cashew nuts can immensely affect the everyday diet while packing some crunch in everyday meals. Nut salads, shakes, and many such improvisations can be your go-to healthy snack.

From premium almonds to authentic Goan drum-roasted cashew nuts, kickstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle — add the best quality nuts in India to your diet today from our online store.


Almonds contain lots of healthy fats, fibre, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. These nuts are known to reduce blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Almond can be enjoyed in various forms like almond oil, butter, flour, or simply eaten as a snack or used to garnish traditional Indian sweets.


Along with decreasing inflammation, walnuts are a great source of omega-3. They also help manage weight and lower blood pressure. Soaking walnuts overnight and eating them in the morning has numerous health benefits.


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