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Sourcing Ethical and Social Report


The Place (Goa)

Cashew is one of the most important plantation crops in India as it brings in considerable foreign exchange earnings. In the state of Goa, it occupies the largest area among horticultural crops. This crop covers about 55, 302 hectares of land area with an annual production estimated at 27, 070 tonnes.


The Farming Process


Cashew Crop is usually planted between June and July, right before the onset of Monsoon. The Crop responds to the well-drained soil of Goa. which is best for growing Cashews. In later stages the fruit adapts well to the hot and humid conditions in the range of 25 to 30 degrees with relative humidity in the region from 65-90%. The harvest period is from February to May.


What makes Goan Cashew Nuts different (Tasty and crunchy) from the rest?


Goa Is the only place where the nuts are  Handpicked from the cashew fruit .Only when the fruit is completely matured or ripened  and then fall off the tree on its own which allows the farmers to derive various by-products of the ripened cashew apple  and thus enhance the taste of the nuts. unlike other states in India where the nuts are plucked off much before the fruits ripens and then sun dried to get the nut.


Agro Industry Support.


The naturally grown grass during rainy season in the cashew farms are often used for cattle grazing. Milk dairies often set within cashew farms and the composed cattle dung is used as an organic manure for the cashew trees.


About Zantye Cashew Nuts (Our Supplier)

Our supplier is currently leading the cashew processing industry in Goa selling quality Goan Cashew across India through numerous outlets and e-commerce. Our supplier has been exporting cashew nuts since 1928. They export organic cashew nuts mainly to USA, Japan, Holland, Germany and UK. Due to their ethical practices they have been certified for FAIR for Life” and successfully undergone audit for SEDEX certification which covers all ethical aspects. Our suppliers source form sustainable sourcing and are members of programs that certify this. They have been approved by international recognised bodies namely


Zantye Cashew processing units has generated around 300 employment opportunities in the town Of Bicholim, Goa and around 90% of their employees are women. 



Factory employees  work on daily contract basis and on permanent basis. They are paid range between £10 per day which is well above the minimum wage as per standard of  living in the Bicholim area in Goa. The employees also get other benefits like festival bonuses and more flexible working. Employees working in the processing plants are provided with appropriate personal protective equipment to protect them from any injuries or occupational hazards.

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