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Five Proven Benefits Of Nuts To Boost Your Brain Health & Mental Well-Being

Our world is developing rapidly and life has indeed turned into a never-ending race. According to Statista, on average, 14 percent of Indians suffer from variations of mental health disorders in the country. Coping with mental health issues and managing a healthy mind becomes very tough in such a scenario. A lot is being said and done to create awareness about mental health, but it will never be enough if you do not make lifestyle changes. A healthy sleep cycle, physical exercise, a supportive social circle, and diet play a vital role in managing stress and keeping mental health in check.

A well-balanced diet plays a crucial role in a person’s overall health. Lack of vital minerals and vitamins may affect your ability to manage stress and cope with the strain of daily activities. To fulfill your body’s nutritional requirements, it is essential to have different kinds of food rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. A lot is usually discussed about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, but nuts somehow get side-lined because of disinterest and sometimes because they are considered to simply be a garnishing ingredient in dishes.

While we use dry fruits in many recipes to get that perfect crunch in our favorite dish, nuts like roasted cashew nuts, almonds, and pistas do much more than just that! The value that nuts add to our diet goes beyond their taste and crunch, and can help increase your body’s intake of healthy nutrients that are immensely beneficial to good mental health.

Here are five ways in which nuts help to keep our mental health in check:


All the nuts have antioxidant benefits, protect the human body against oxidative stress which can cause inflammation, ageing and even cancer. A lack of antioxidants can increase free radicals in the body, and damage cells and DNA, leading to diabetes, heart diseases and early death.

Memory loss

Diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s can be prevented by eating nuts regularly as they fight many cognitive issues. Whether you’re looking to buy cashews online or searching for the cheapest almonds in India, nuts make for the most effective solution to boosting intellectual abilities.

Mood swings

Adding to the numerous health benefits of nuts, studies have shown a significant reduction in total mood disturbance in people who consume nuts like cashew nuts, almonds and pistachio regularly.

Psychological issues

Psychological distress, depression, and anxiety can result from inflammation of the brain. Oleic acids present in dry fruits and nuts help to tackle such conditions, while also increasing brain power and improving your overall mental and emotional well-being. Oleic acid replaces saturated fats in your diet and helps in naturally fixing heart conditions by lowering cholesterol and reducing inflammation.


Some of the best nuts for brain power also include the presence of Vitamin A, B and K, which help in boosting haemoglobin and preventing anaemia. Lack of haemoglobin in the body reduces oxygen supply and iron, making it very difficult for a person to concentrate and carry out daily tasks. In some cases, the passage of time may also lead to other mental health disorders.

The benefits of including nuts in your diet can have a considerable positive effect on your physical and mental health. It is an effortless task to incorporate nuts like cashews and almonds in your daily meals and snacks, as they blend easily while adding some wholesome flavour to dishes.

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